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Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the server to help you understand the server better.

Q. How do I get a pickaxe?
A. You'll recieve 1 Iron pickaxe upon logging into the server for the first time.
you'll then be able to use your kit inmate (/kit inmate) every 24 hours to recieve the same starter kit!

Q. What are Tokens used for?
A. Tokens are another source of currency here at Lockdown, you may purchase special items that may
not be able to be obtained any other way except through the token shop! You may access the shop
by typing the command (/token shop) ingame.

Q. How do I get a plot?
A. You can purchase a plot at (/warp plots) for $75,000

Q. How do I sell on Auction House? (AH)
A. You can sell an item on Auction house using (/ah sell)

Q. How do I create a gang?
A. You can create a gang with (/gang create)

Q. How do I rankup?
A. You can rank up with ingame money using /rankup.

Q. Where do I get crate keys?
A. You can get them from our ldprison.com/store, voting, or purchasing them from the token shop!

Q. How do I get a chat color?
A. You can get a chat color by having a rank, you can obtain a rank by opening crates, or buying it directly on our store ldprison.com/store, then you can use /color

Q. Why is a Guard counting down?
A: They're couting down because they've caught a player with a contraband item, the player will have 5 seconds to drop
their contraband item, or they'll be jailed for the set time the contraband item holds.

Q. What are contraband items?
A: Contraband items are items that are used harmfully, or gives an advantage over another playery
inside the prison! For a full list of contraband items type in (/contraband) ingame!

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