Changelog - BETA Week 2


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Here's the changelog for BETA Week 2!
Prison Server
Basalt now drops Gems.
Tycoon cells had their regions fixed.
Fixed an issue where items in the Gem Shop randomly dissapeared.
Fixed an issue where the /discord command would not work correctly. (Also updated the invite link.)
Join and disconnect messages now work correctly.
Fixed an issue where Donor black market stalls would not update their signs when rented.
Fixed an issue where players were able to use /vault in commissionary. This is no longer permitted.
Fixed an issue where the legendary crate would give a Diamond Block reward however not grant the physical item.
Fixed Elite PVP region.
Fixed a grammatical error with the AFK kick message.
Buy signs in C cafeteria were fixed.
Fixed issue with discord linking.

Commands were blocked whilst combat tagged. - Will eventually add /r & /msg.
Changed the following mob drop rates to 25%:
Tropical Fish
Updated the PVP Mine - Changed the lava baseblock to cobwebs.
Changed PVP from 1.9 combat to 1.8 combat.
Anvils are now un-craftable.
D Block anvils were reset.
Added red magic to princess tag.
Partially updated Tycoon rank info in /ranks.
Updated supply drops.

You can no longer trade with villagers in Citizen.
Removed sell signs for obsidian in commissionary & parole.
Removed obsidian from both PVP Mine and Parole Mine.
Disabled Phantom spawns in Citizen due to popular request.

Automatic restarts have been implemented. As well as a command for us to set a forced restart with a given timer. - Will eventually add crate keys to be granted upon a restart autonomously.
Implemented chat auctions. - Type /auction help if you need help!
Added SUIIII tag to the donation store. (For a limited time only!) - SUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
Added Juice Wrld tag to the donation store. (For a limited time only!)

That's it for another week!

If you experience any issues, no matter the severity, please do report them! You can do so by clicking here or by creating a ticket on our discord!
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