Changelog - BETA Week 1


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Here's the changelog for BETA Week 1, enjoy!
Prison Server
Fixed and correctly configured Mine Bombs.
Corrected night vision in mines.
Re-Configured mine teleport locations for resets.
Fixed Bricks not counting towards blocks being broken.
Fixed formatting Error with manual broadcast command.
Fixed issue with players having the abilty to claim donor plots. - This is now automatic upon donating.
Fixed issue at Parole Farm where wheat would break instantly due to a poor schematic.

Severely adjusted fishing rewards.
You will no longer suffocate in any mine region - Please report any issues if this is still ongoing.
Altered strange liquid drop rate from 50% to 10% whilst fishing.
Altered Donor /Ranks Menu:
Removed "Quartz Ore"
Added "Ancient Debris"
Changed "Melon Farm" to "Pumpkin Farm"
Updated /tags - /tags <Current Tag> Now displays the current tag!
Created a new island themed donor plot world due to popular request. - Boats will eventually be an added feature.

Removed Diamond pickaxe signs from both PvP Mine & Event warps.
Disabled Gem drops in plot worlds.
Disabled /mcgod command.
Info titles no longer show upon plot entry due to popular request. - You can now type /plot info in a plot.
Blocked the following items from being crafted:
Enchanting Tables
Regular Golden Apples
God Apples
End Crystals
Blocked players from being able to freely trust and add members to their plots. We will eventually add a system where you can purchase these.

Configured Vote Forwarder - You can now vote and earn rewards!
Added Mending book to Gem Shop.
Added Crafting Tables to each warp due to player request.

Discord Server
Minigame commands now all have cooldowns. - Nitro boosters have their cooldowns halved.
Nitro boosters can use Custom Emoji.
Updated Discord Badges.
A successful rob will now reward you with 20% of the robbed players balance.
Nitro Boosters can now embed links.

That's it for this week!

As always, if you stumble across any bugs, big or small, please do report them! You can do so by clicking
here, or by creating a ticket on our discord!