Changelog 1/11/2021 - PRE BETA


Staff member
Greetings, fellow inmates!

We've got some exciting updates regarding the discord! So without further ado, let's get right into it!

Added Features:
  • You must have a pickaxe to mine now.
  • You can now collect ores while mining and sell them individually (!inv)
  • You may now do the command !fish (If you have a fishing rod). While fishing, you can catch a wide range of sea creatures/sea items. Each item differs in price when sold! (Depending on the rarity).
  • You may now do the command !hunt (If you have a hunting rifle). While hunting, you may kill a wide range of animals. Each item differs in price when sold. (Depending on the rarity)
Changed Features:
  • Robbing users will now give a higher % of coins based on the balance of the person being robbed.
Removed Features:
  • N/A
Noted Commands:
• !shop
• !inv
• !sell (Note when selling an item, the ID is Capalization sensative)

Prison Server:
  • No changes to comment on as of yet.

If you come across any bugs/issues within the new features, please open a bug support ticket & report them!

Thank you,

The Lockdown Prison Management Team.