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  1. _Tradie

    Changelog - BETA Week 2

  2. _Tradie

    Changelog - BETA Week 2

    Here's the changelog for BETA Week 2! Prison Server Fixed: ➔ Basalt now drops Gems. ➔ Tycoon cells had their regions fixed. ➔ Fixed an issue where items in the Gem Shop randomly dissapeared. ➔ Fixed an issue where the /discord command would not work correctly. (Also updated the invite link.) ➔...
  3. _Tradie

    Changelog - BETA Week 1

    Here's the changelog for BETA Week 1, enjoy! Prison Server Fixed: ➔ Fixed and correctly configured Mine Bombs. ➔ Corrected night vision in mines. ➔ Re-Configured mine teleport locations for resets. ➔ Fixed Bricks not counting towards blocks being broken. ➔ Fixed formatting Error with manual...
  4. _Tradie

    Discord Rules

    Below are the current rules of our discord server! They can also be viewed in our discord under the channel #rules. (Or by clicking here). Chat Spam Chat spam is quite frankly not permitted in any of our discord text channels. This can include any of the following: Excessively spamming the...
  5. _Tradie

    Changelog 1/11/2021 - PRE BETA

    Greetings, fellow inmates! We've got some exciting updates regarding the discord! So without further ado, let's get right into it! Discord: Added Features: You must have a pickaxe to mine now. You can now collect ores while mining and sell them individually (!inv) You may now do the command...
  6. _Tradie

    Server Updates - PRE BETA RELEASE

    Greetings, fellow inmates! As we're slowly approaching the finish line of the server being complete, I think it's only appropriate for a bit of an update regarding a time frame and things to expect in the next upcoming week(s)! The server will be launching a two-week Beta starting Friday...