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Lockdown Prison | Update #2

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Greetings, fellow Inmates!

The Lockdown Prison management team has been hard at work, since the last update posting. With the beta release right around the corner (April 1st, 2023); Let's share some of the features you can expect to see while playing Lockdown Prison!

Player Skins
Everyone who joins the server will be equipped with a default prisoner skin. Inmates can earn more skins by ranking up, prestiging, or purchasing them with coins. There will be a skin rotation system that happens every 14 days that will release new skins for inmates to purchase. Skins that are released via the skin rotation system have two tiers, Epic & Common. Epic skins will cost 500 coins, and Common skins will cost 250 coins. Please note that when new skins are released, the old ones will never return! Players will be able to trade, sell & give other players their owned player skins. Below is an attachment of what will be announced every 2 weeks. Also, a spoiler for the first rotation of skins on Lockdown Prison.


Lockdown Prison | Update #1

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Greetings, fellow Inmates!

Today, the rest of the management team here at Lockdown Prison & I are excited to announce to you some vital information regarding the status update of the server, and things to look forward to as the clock counts down to the official release!

Lockdown Prison will launch a closed beta, meaning only a limited amount of spots will be available from April 1st until April 15th, 2023. Players will compete for the top spots in each of the following categories:
Highest Rank
Most bugs reported
Most critical feedback
Each category winner will win a $25 store voucher and each beta contender will receive a special limited-time "Beta" tag, In-game, in the discord badges, and on the forums. More information on how to become a beta tester will be posted at a later time.

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