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Changelog - BETA Week 2

Here's the changelog for BETA Week 2!
Prison Server
Basalt now drops Gems.
Tycoon cells had their regions fixed.
Fixed an issue where items in the Gem Shop randomly dissapeared.
Fixed an issue where the /discord command would not work correctly. (Also updated the invite link.)
Join and disconnect messages now work correctly.
Fixed an issue where Donor black market stalls would not update their signs when...
Changelog - BETA Week 1

Here's the changelog for BETA Week 1, enjoy!
Prison Server
Fixed and correctly configured Mine Bombs.
Corrected night vision in mines.
Re-Configured mine teleport locations for resets.
Fixed Bricks not counting towards blocks being broken.
Fixed formatting Error with manual broadcast command.
Fixed issue with players having the abilty to claim donor plots. - This is now...

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Server Updates - PRE BETA RELEASE
01 Nov
Greetings, fellow inmates!

As we're slowly approaching the finish line of the server being complete, I think it's only appropriate for a bit of an update regarding a time frame and things to expect in the next upcoming week(s)!

The server will be launching a two-week Beta starting Friday, November 6th at 3:30 pm Est. This is to ensure all server changes and updates are bug-free and well balanced before the actual release. Although some of you might be thinking, "Didn't you already have a beta?" Yes, we did - but due to the significant changes on the server, we deem it's in our best interest to conduct another beta run. However, this isn't going to be like last time where you get reset; once the beta has finished, we'll transition straight into the full launch of the server!

I would also like to note that ALL previous donators who have purchased a package here at Lockdown Prison will be given a store gift card with a partial credit for what they spent on the server.
(Gift cards...

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